About Us

Passionate about tea

Nourrila is small Canadian tea company that is committed to offering you high quality tea, for your wellbeing and peace of mind. For the health of our customers, the growers, the workers and the planet, we choose to only sell organic tea that is free of artificial flavours and chemicals.

Savour life, one sip at a time, with our premium selection of teas. A delight in every cup!

Helping Canadians

Nourrila was born from my passion for tea, combined with my desire to consume quality organic products.

This company also represents a way for me to support my community. For this reason, Nourrila pledges to donate 1% of its yearly profits to Food Banks Canada in an effort to help ensure that people struggling with food insecurity will have access to nourishing food. We hope our support contributes to improve the quality of life of Canadians.

Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization. Their mission is to provide leadership to help relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow. They are dedicated to helping Canadians living with food insecurity by supporting a network of Provincial Associations; affiliate food banks and food agencies that work at the community level to relieve hunger. Their work is focused on maximizing the collective impact, strengthening local capacity, and reducing the demand for food banks until a day when they are no longer needed.

Thank you for your trust and I hope that our teas will live up to your expectations.

Founder of Nourrila

Environmental impact

To reduce our impact on the environment, we use recycled, compostable and biodegradable materials where possible. We ship our products with biodegradable packing peanuts, made from organic starch that decompose in water leaving no toxic waste.